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Posted on October 21st, 2009 by mark - 2 Comments

Placement Music, based in Atlanta Georgia, is a boutique entertainment firm specializing in the licensing, creation and placement of high-quality, well-recorded, pre-cleared music for television, film, gaming, animation, advertising, and all other forms of digital media. What makes Placement Music stand out from every other music licensing firm is the quality, sound and integrity of the music we create, produce and represent. Our product is the result of the talents of our roster of award-winning songwriters, producers, engineers and musicians.

Placement Music can create and professionally record work-for-hire compositions or supply pre-cleared original music from the artists we proudly represent. Placement Music is proud to call Southern Tracks Recording Studios our home base. A studio of world reknown, Southern Tracks has contributed to the sale of more than 40 million albums. Records by Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen, Stone Temple Pilots, Sugarland and Train have all been recorded at Southern Tracks.

Our production team includes a Grammy-winning producer /engineer / mixer who has worked on some of the biggest rock records of the past decade (which have collectively sold in excess of 35 million records) as well as songwriters and musicians responsible for the songs and sounds on numerous hit albums from artists such as Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, Sheryl Crow, Leona Lewis, Joss Stone, Janet Jackson and Avril Lavigne. The team also includes one of the video gaming industry’s most prolific music composers.

Our previous placements include The CW, CNN, FX, VH1, MTV, ABC, The WB, The N, The Discovery Channel, TNT, FOX and several independent films.

2 responses to “Welcome to the Placement Music Blog!”

  1. Mark Allan Wolfe

    Hey guys I love the site and I am very encouraged that we can join hands in this journey. I too and in Atlanta. I am a member and look forwards to working with you guys.

    Mark Allan Wolfe

  2. Ritchie Rubini

    Hi Tammy! Ritchie Rubini here. I hope all is good. I was talking with Nick this morning about all of this. It sounds wonderful!


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