A Million Years

Abbie Cardwell

Adam Taylor

All The Locals

Ben Glover

Besides Daniel

Bradford Rodgers

Chris Rickwood


Danielle French

Darling Theives

Darryl Dybka

Doria Roberts

FTM Music Group

Ghosts of Summer Suns

Gwen Hughes


Ian Walsh


Jan Smith

Jared Lee Gosselin

Jared Lee Gosselin


Joey Cutless

Jon Roniger

Justin Nihiser

K Michelle DuBois

Kevin Spencer

L A Story

Leaving Araby



Mary Delaney

Matt Kabus

Moscow Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra

Music Is My Business

Nick Niespodziani

Omar Sosa

Paul Warner

Perfect Project

Peter Stroud

Placement Music Originals

Placement Music Work for Hire

Plain Jane Automobile

Q Ball

Radio Birds

Ready in 10

Rebecca Loebe

Revolution 9

Sean O Rourke

Sean Tre

Smiths Old Band

State of Man

Steve Dancz

Steve Kornicki

The Cool Offs

The Dreaded Marco

The Greater Vavoom

The Key

The Luchagors

The Sways

The Swear

The Warm Guns

Tim Tucker

TJ Edmond and The Beggars Guild

Tony Flaggs

Von Grey

Wes Yoakam


Will Turpin

Xavier Lewis

Young Dread