Ritchie Rubini

Ritchie RubiniRitchie Rubini is a producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.  Early in his musical career, Ritchie played the drums in The Caulfields, who toured nationally and internationally and had two albums released on A&M Records.  Since then, Ritchie has played on countless major and indie releases.  Ritchie has co-written and produced songs that have been placed on MTV, WB, FOX and other  cable networks. His work has also appeared on various major and indie film soundtracks.  Ritchie’s co-writing credits include releases on Wind-up, A&M, Sony/BMG, and Hollywood Records.

Ritchie now runs an indie label, Plus 5 Records, with his partners Nick DiDia and Kevin Walsh and have many projects in the works.  He  is also producer and musical director for musical artist LauraC.

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