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The Luchagors are a DIY punk band from Atlanta fronted by Amy Dumas. You might recognize Amy as "Lita" from the WWE. Influenced by a wide range of punk and metal bands like Bad Brains, Minor Threat, Plasmatics, Thin Lizzy and Alice Cooper, the Luchagors bring the same old school energy that those legends strived for. Their sound is a solid pop-punk meets metal hybrid with catchy lyrics you will quickly find yourself singing along to. Since their debut recording in 2007, the band has completed three US tours and two European tours, including dates with The Unseen, Nashville Pussy and Skid Row.



6 tracks

PlayBastard - Instrumental - PM USA
      3.76 Mb
PlayBastard - PM USA
      3.78 Mb
PlayBurn - Instrumental - PM USA
      3.33 Mb
PlayBurn - PM USA
      3.36 Mb
PlayWhite Boy - Instrumental - PM USA
      3.39 Mb
PlayWhite Boy - PM USA
      3.41 Mb

6 tracks

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