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The Greater Vavoom is the perfect union of dirty rock 'n roll attitude and bad-ass thumping grooves. Founded by Mark Dannells and Cris Cox, The Greater Vavoom combines a love of old school funk, disco and modern dance music with the members' love of good rock and roll. Imagine Prince colliding head-on with Nine Inch Nails and The Bee Gees making out with Daft Punk while listening to the Talking Head's "Remain in Light" - then mix in even more sensuality and get ready to dance.



6 tracks

PlayBoomerang - Instrumental - PM USA
      4.94 Mb
PlayBoomerang - PM USA
      4.84 Mb
PlaySuperconductor - Instrumental - PM USA
      4.50 Mb
PlaySuperconductor - PM USA
      4.50 Mb
PlayThe Bathtub Club - Instrumental - PM USA
      3.75 Mb
PlayThe Bathtub Club - PM USA
      3.70 Mb

6 tracks

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