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Revolution 9 pay homage to 1980s pop sensibilities while bringing to mind the more modern day models of house and techno.  In the same way Depeche Mode, Orbital and Nine Inch Nails pioneered electronic music, Revolution 9 has broken new ground, redefining electro-pop, combining new concepts with haunting melodies that will satisfy music fans who have for years been starved for songs that are at once anthemic, bold and lyrical.



9 tracks

PlayAnswer Me - PM USA
      5.72 Mb
PlayComputer Girl - PM USA
      5.80 Mb
PlayIn Your Arms - PM USA
      5.95 Mb
PlayInside Of Me - PM USA
      7.92 Mb
PlayJack-knife - PM USA
      5.58 Mb
PlayPatience - PM USA
      6.06 Mb
PlayRadio - PM USA
      6.44 Mb
PlayThroughout The World - PM USA
      7.26 Mb
PlayWaiting For The Weather - PM USA
      6.32 Mb

9 tracks

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