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Orlando-based five piece Plain Jane Automobile is an intense, melody-forward band focused on deeply passionate lyrical imagery. Their full length, The Collector, was produced by Pete Thornton (Paramore). They were recently named the Best Unsigned Band in the Southeast by Discmakers.



9 tracks

PlayBlue Jeans - PM USA
      4.09 Mb
PlayClose My Eyes - PM USA
      4.99 Mb
PlayStarving Streets - PM USA
      5.38 Mb
PlayStones - PM USA
      6.17 Mb
PlayTear Yourself To Bits - PM USA
      5.96 Mb
PlayThe Collector - PM USA
      5.87 Mb
PlayThe Longest Goodbye - PM USA
      5.04 Mb
PlayWhile They're Watching - PM USA
      5.96 Mb
PlayWhisper - PM USA
      6.46 Mb

9 tracks

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