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Alt-rocker K Michelle DuBois has always defied comparison. Think Juliana Hatfield, Kate Pierson, Kim Deal, and throw in some Replacements and Lemonheads and you’ll be about half right. Coming from a family of heavy-hitters on the Nashville country music scene, she’s no stranger to a hook; it’s been said her songs “reel you in with an almost effortless honesty”. Forging her own path, she has remained stubbornly committed to letting her songs evolve naturally and created an indie-pop repertoire that amuses and delights those that discover her work. She has toured the states numerous times with Ultrababyfat (Warped tour, David Cross “Let America Laugh” tour), but is most happy cozied up in a studio somewhere, creating more songs.



6 tracks

PlayDisco Moon - Instrumental - PM USA
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PlayDisco Moon - PMS USA
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PlayOcean Liner - Instrumental - PM USA
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PlayOcean Liner - PM USA
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PlayTales of Truth - Instrumental - PM USA
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PlayTales of Truth - PM USA
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6 tracks

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